Cordless tea kettle

This Stainless steel cordless electric tea kettle is a stunning peace of art to look at,
it has a few nice features like the blue illamination LED when it boils and stain resistant glass, it even has a quiet boil feature on it and is 2.0 litres in water filing, it is made by a company called cook and it appears to be the latest technology in kettle boiling so why not treat yourself to one right now and they are going at a good price on Amazon so click the link above for more information.

Electric cookers freestanding

Hotpoint freestanding cooker

I do love the fact that these Black kitchen appliances is Hotpoint freestanding cookers, affordable and electric,  it gets 5 star reviews on Amazon and they are black in colour with grill and fan oven and ceramic hobs, they are easy to use and a lot of customers are very happy with them, I have been familiar with Hotpoint over the years and never once have I heard a bad thing about them, it come with these features, or click the link at the top for the price details, of these appliance online cookers,

fan oven cooking

Solurge Dual Grill

Ceramic Hobs

weight 59 kg

dimensions 60 x 60 x 90 cm

Colour Black


Instant boiling water dispenser

Alternative to tea kettle

The cheapest Breville hot cup on the market is a very fancy looking hot water
dispenser is a great option to a tea kettle, it can pour up to 5 hot drinks at any one boiling time, it feels like you have your own personal caffee latte drink pouring machine in your own home, who would not want on of these? These are breville first generation hot water dispenser machine and you could have your very own in your home right now, they are easy to clean, no mess and easy to fill, but when you are using it please be safe and try not to burn yourself as with any boiling water.